Poetry Book


This is a collection of poems I wrote about the wilderness years of my childhood sexual abuse, wanting to understand how those horrific acts molded me into the woman (and the writer) I am today. Within the process of writing them, I rediscovered my voice which had been silenced by shame, and my abuser’s threats.

There is a pathway beyond mere survival that unfolds before us as we discover the freedom of speaking our own powerful truths.

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Reviews of my poetry

Susan G

Beautiful, honest, pure. Those are the first 3 words that pop into my mind about this collection of poems. To be able to say that about writings regarding sexual abuse shows me that integrity and truth, not bitterness and anger are the source. It is evident that God is doing a good work in you. Please keep sharing. It will give generations to come a place of understanding and healing.

Anna S

Simply stunning writing!


Beautiful imagery. Beautiful expression of an ugly situation.


(on the poem Rough Draft)

You not only have taken your eraser and given yourself strength while erasing your abuser’s power over you. You’ve put an eraser into other’s hands, I hope others can see this. Very powerful! I’m glad you’ve found your tongue.

Sophie Girl

Your poems are excellent. I applaud your courage, and the beauty of your imaginative word pictures. May your poems be a healing for others, as pouring your thoughts out through your pen had to have been for you.

Blake S

Some are learning to open the pain so it can heal… to be courageously honest. You amongst them.

Suzanne G

What a courageously poignant piece!

Your writing style shines and your message resonates deeply and hauntingly.

Wonderful piece of work!

A definite favourite of mine!


This is really powerful! Excellent imagery!


“Those things you can take by force
you have taken, storming the citadel of my soul

through the entrance door
of my flesh.
Seems you owe me this much, my belated lamentation

of all things not lost,
but stolen in broad daylight.”

Wow, your words here speak heaps. I wonder why the world does not do more to give something back to those who have had so much taken….

Perpetrators should pay the price of knowing what its like to pretend like nothing is going on daily…. To understand the pain, frustration and torure this gives an individual… To understand what its like to cry yourself to sleep endlessly lost in a world you cannot comprehend, where you feel you can trust no-one should it be used against you further…

I like a poem that packs a punch and has depth of meaning, something a reader can take away and muse on further, your poem empowers the reader to need act – defend these in need… A poet has a place in this world where they can enlighten their readers minds and reach out, to those in need and those survivors as well as those who read and might act to help…. Bravo! Thanks for your welcome words on my own poetry. Much appreciated.

Kindest thoughts,



Wonderful expression of finding freedom from an unjust prison. I do love the line “things such as running curious hands over our voice boxes,reading them like Braille.” The last stanza is perfect.

Roscoe Davis III

Great poems, you are an excellent writer.